Ok, so here goes…. We’re throwing ourselves into the world of blogging!!! Let me start by introducing the Priceless team and letting you know what we’re about. As far as I’m aware, the people that’ll be contributing to this blog will be myself; Young Sim, along with my co-d’s JinX BB, General Leroy Lungz, Tyrant and Wezzle Da Beast.

Ok, so what’s next?! What are we about?…. Honestly we’re just a group of friends in their early 20′s, that have known eachother for years and are about to take the ‘real’ world head on. We’ve all recently come out, or are about to come out, of university. So we’re not just bums sitting around with nothing better to do than become internet celebrities! Everyone’s opinionated, passionate and knows what they’re talking about. Well i think so anyway. We’re gonna have different opinions so expect a bit of conflict. Either way there should be logic behind everyone’s opinions.

So about a year ago Lil Wayne came to London and we went to see him. On the journey back, from what was a brilliant show by Weezy, we decided that we should try and combine our education with our love for music and start a label/management type thingy. I mean the time is now or never, the doors are open and we’re at the right age…. Anyway, soon after we came up with the name ‘Priceless’. I feel it represents us as people, our friendship and is a symbol of the quality we aim to achieve with whatever future projects we pursue. Since we decided to start up it hasn’t all been plain sailing, we’ve had setbacks, things haven’t progressed as quickly as we’d like, we’ve had money to make, basically life’s got in the way *kanye shrug*. But what I’ve realised is that everyone, as in all of us, has a talent of some sort so we’ll be fine whether this thing takes off or not. If you know any talent that need management, guidance, a home, let us know. We got engineers, we offer a song writing service and we all got good ears :D

This blog is gonna be a form of expression for us. We’re gonna give reviews of media, post things that we like, give opinions on popular culture, share funny stories and videos, promote whatever deserves it and just generally vent. That’s the big idea but we know things never go as planned. So, please enjoy our world, feel free to get involved, tell a friend to tell a friend.

Also, if anyone wants to be a guest writer on a particular issue, or just wants to get their opinion/thoughts out there then get in touch and we’ll post it.



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